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You can help Ensemble Perpetuo bring our music to more audiences and help us reach areas of the community that might not usually have access to high quality live chamber music. We operate with minimal overheads with much of the work in promoting and growing the Ensemble undertaken by the players.

Join us in bringing live music to more people across the UK by joining our friends scheme. To speak with us about becoming a supporter of Ensemble Perpetuo, please telephone 07484 267345 or emailing mail[at]ensembleperpetuo[dot]com

Ensemble Perpetuo is registered as a charitable organisation in the UK (Registered Charity Number 1163833). We want to increase access to live music and bring our performances to people who might not usually benefit from live music. Income from ticket sales covers just a fraction of the amount required for Ensemble Perpetuo to exist. In the coming year, we are establishing a learning and participation scheme that will involve us bringing live music into schools, care homes and other communities who might normally hear chamber music live. You can make a difference and help ensure this is possible.

Supporter of Ensemble Perpetuo – Donation of £50+ per annum

As a supporter, you will receive our annual season review and be kept in the loop of all exciting developments the Ensemble is a part of with exclusive news. You will also be able to have priority booking for events promoted directly by Ensemble Perpetuo and access to exclusive events.

Patron of Ensemble Perpetuo – Donation of £200+ per annum

Patrons receive all of the supporter benefits plus VIP access to the ensemble by attending open rehearsals and a special annual celebration of our work featuring live music and an opportunity to meet the musicians.

‘PASS IT ON’ Partner of Ensemble Perpetuo – Donation of £750+ per annum

As a Pass It On partner your donation will be enabling us to bring live music directly into communities and groups who would not normally access live performances. You will benefit from all of the above plus a personal letter keeping you posted with how your donation has benefited local communities with our outreach work.

Chair Sponsor of Ensemble Perpetuo – Donation of £1500+ per annum

You will receive all the benefits of the other supporter levels as well as being acknowledged for your support of a particular chair or instrument of your choice within our concerts.

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