Leah Lovett

Leah Lovett

Leah Lovett collaborated with Ensemble Perpetuo as part of the HEAVENLY SIGHTS project. 

For Heavenly Sights, Leah presents Beam (2015), an interactive sculpture created in collaboration with physicist and musician Geoff Cottrell. Converting sound into visible light and back again, Beam invites audiences to enter into a tactile engagement with recordings made in outer space, and to imagine beyond the limits of human perception.

Leah Lovett is an artist who works collaboratively to make performances, videos, drawings, writings and workshops that explore the socialising fictions played out between people in cities and across mediated space. Her work borrows from other disciplines and cultural forms including anthropology, human geography, ventriloquism, music and theatre. She is currently researching invisible theatre and spatial politics at the Slade, with financial support from the AHRC. Leah is a founder member of art collective TRIPOD, and works as a freelance writer and an arts educator in gallery, higher education and school contexts.

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