Caroline Mackenzie

Caroline Mackenzie

Caroline Mackenzie collaborated with Ensemble Perpetuo as part of the CITYSCAPES project. 
Caroline Mackenzie (born 1985) is currently studying for a Masters of Arts in sculpture at The Royal College of Art, London. She gained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London in 2007.

‘Facades, 2015’ is a piece reflecting the permanence of the modern London skyscraper, yet the cardboard material reflects a more ephemeral structure, possibly highlighting the fragility of society. The chamber ensemble is incorporated inside the structure and plays Phillip Glass’s piece ‘Facades’. The measured hexagonal forms of the sculpture reflects the rhythm of the music, played within. The illumination of the structure is broken up by the hexagonal facades and the fragmented light falls upon the musician engulfed in the sculpture. The structure peels away to present the solo artist, almost unveiling them, like a curtain reveals a performer on a stage. The musical performance and the art piece is made to be seen in the round, possibly describing the self as being fully three dimensional, with every self being drawn into a ‘circle of determinations’ that make it what it is. Subjects are interchangeable with their objects in such a manner that the subject can be understood as the movement from the musicians. The subject is never in one place at a time, but rather as a series of gestures, garments, and shadows strewn along the way; elements that ‘Facades, 2015’ explores with this new collaboration of music and art.

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